2019 Game Dev Educators Bundle

A digital textbook for Teaching Unity and Game development in the Classroom

At CG Cookie, we firmly believe that Personalized Learning is the best approach to classroom learning. It combines face-to-face classroom training with technology and its benefits range from increased student motivation to higher knowledge retention.

There are over 10 courses, with over 150 individual video lessons, quizzes and assignments included. You're welcome teach yourself and your students up to three classrooms, or about 75 students.

Through years of working with educators, we at CG Cookie know that putting together a quality curriculum is one of the most challenging tasks a teacher can face. Our Unity Curriculum is a ready-made document that serves as complete guidance for teaching Unity to beginners.

This guide is a great starting point if you’re looking to teach a game development class, offer an after school program, or simply looking for a few tips and pointers within your existing program.

Included Project: Tank Ball!

A video game training project for beginners who want to learn how to build a Unity game from the ground up. Learn the basics of physics to move tanks around using forces and build your very own game. Go play it online for free.

Included Project: Portalethium

Learn how to build a complete tower defense game in Unity using 3d models, C# and UI elements. Play online now for free.

Included Project: 2D Space Shooter

Learn how to build mobile controls for a 2D Space Shooter game.


How many teachers can have access to an Educator's Bundle?

A single purchase is what is required for a school location. On a school location the Educators bundle may be shared with up to three classrooms.

Are the videos and lessons included in the Educator's Bundle available for download and offline viewing?

Yes, the entire bundle contains HD quality videos for you the teacher to download and view at your leisure, build into your curriculum, and or pass out to your students. Videos may not be redistributed to other school locations. 

How many student licenses are included in each Educator's Bundle? 

The Educators Bundle is a great resource to learn Blender as an educator to teach it to your students. It also can be integrated into your curriculum, with up to three classrooms. Or around 75 students. For larger applications please reach out to [email protected]

How long are licenses or bundles valid (do teacher/student licenses expire)?

While download access may be limited per year, the files themselves don't expire. You can expect roughly each year for CG Cookie to offer an updated version of the Bundle for purchase.

Given that software updates frequently, CG Cookie has your back ensuring your resources and education will be ready for the upcoming school year. 

Do you offer a streaming version of the Bundle? 

While the Bundle is currently only available for digital download. If you're interested in a streaming option please email [email protected] 

What if I'd like to give my students access to http://cgcookie.com

CG Cookie loves working with schools! If you're looking for a more integrated experience for your students: online profiles, progress tracking and the support of CGC's community, CG Cookie offers significant discounts to our online streaming subscription for schools. 

Please email [email protected] with what you're looking to accomplish, number of students and any questions you may have. 

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