11. Fundamentals of Compositing

2019 Educator Blender Bundle

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Compositing is an optimizational workflow for minimizing render iterations while maximizing your render output's editability. It's essentially the concept of separating your render into individual components that can be reconstructed and tweaked independently after rendering.

Chapter 1: Pre-render Disassembly
The first step in the compositing workflow is to separate your 3D scene into its individual render elements.
* Render Layers
* Render Passes

Chapter 2: Post-Render Reassembly
Once your separated elements are rendered out, we need to re-combine them using the Blender's Node Editor.
* Combining Render Layers
* Combining Render Passes
* Render Layer Node VS Image Node
* Organization

Chapter 3: Treatment
The bread and butter of compositing is the ability to quickly tweak and perfect your image without waiting to render the scene again. This chapter covers some common treatment techniques.
* Filter: Motion Blur
* Filter: Depth of Field
* Treatment
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